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One of the foremost advances in school-wide discipline is the emphasis on school-wide systems of support that include proactive strategies for defining, teaching, and supporting appropriate student behaviors to create positive school environments. Instead of using a piecemeal approach of individual behavioral management plans, PBISa continuum of positive behavior support for all students within a school is implemented in areas including the classroom and non-classroom settings (such as hallways, buses, and restrooms). Positive behavior support is an application of a behaviorally-based systems approach to enhance the capacity of schools, families, and communities to design effective environments that improve the link between research-validated practices and the environments in which teaching and learning occurs. Attention is focused on creating and sustaining primary (school-wide), secondary (classroom), and tertiary (individual) systems of support that improve lifestyle results (personal, health, social, family, work, recreation) for all children and youth by making targeted behaviors less effective, efficient, and relevant, and desired behavior more functional.









Pride cards are used as an incentive to motivate students to exhibit the school wide behavior expectations, which include Be Respectful, Be Responsible, and Be Safe. Pride Cards are distributed by staff members daily to students. When presented a Pride Card, students are recognized for the behavior that was modeled, and the staff member will circle it, and sign the card. Pride Cards are available in the Assistant Principal’s office.




Students can use Pride cards to participate in school wide drawings and the PBIS store. For participation in the weekly Friday opportunity drawings, all Pride cards can be placed in the drop box located in front of the school library. Selected individuals will be emailed and given instructions on when they can pick up their incentives. The incentives include certificates to local attractions and restaurants. Students may also receive invitations to special events. Pride cards can also be used to purchase items, such as spirit items, school supplies, and sports goods, in the PBIS store. Staff members who distribute the most Pride cards will also be entered in the weekly drawings and will be contacted via email if selected. The PBIS Tally Sheet will give staff insight on how many PRIDE Cards each staff member has distributed weekly and yearly. Also, the last PBIS drawing, the staff member who distributed the most PBIS cards the entire year, will receive a prize.



Check-In Check-Out (CICO) is for students who participate in the PBIS Tier II intervention. CICO is a staff to student mentor program. Students meet with their mentor daily, for a brief moment, in the mornings and afternoons. The Check-In Check Card is given to the student by their staff mentor, and the student gives the CICO card to each of their teachers to rate their behavior during their class period. At the close of the day, the CICO card is given back to the mentor and the daily progress is discussed. If students meet the overall goals established by the mentor, they receive incentives, such as pride cards, certificates, and participation in special events. If you are interested in becoming a PBIS CICO mentor, please contact the site PBIS Coach.



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