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Expected Behavior


  • Keep your relationships positive; treat others with respect.
  • Keep your hands and feet to yourself.
  • Clean up after yourself and make sure all trash is thrown away.
  • Once you enter school grounds, WALK from one place to another.
  • Keep your language respectful and appropriate.
  • Mark all possessions with your name. Take care of your textbooks. If lost/damaged, you will be charged a fine.
  • Once on campus, students must remain off skateboards/bikes.
  • Cell phones are to be turned off, not seen or heard during school time.
  • Electronic devices (iPods, MP3s, etc.) should not be brought to school.
  • Fireworks, explosives, stink bombs, and poppers are forbidden on campus.
  • Weapons (or look-alikes) and controlled substances (paraphernalia, alcohol, tobacco, lighters and matches) are not allowed on school grounds.
  • There are consequences for gambling (no playing cards allowed), theft, robbery, extortion, forgery, and/or cheating



Be on time. Enter quietly, take care of business (contracts to teacher, pencil sharpened, etc…). Be in seat and begin warm up before bell rings, write down agenda and homework in planner/notebook.

Be prepared. Bring a backpack, that will fit your notebooks, three-ring binders, planner, pencils, pens, paper, dividers, covered pencil sharpener, etc.

Be responsible. Always do your personal best. Remember right from wrong. Take responsibility for your conduct and accept consequences for your actions.

Be cooperative. Follow all classroom procedures. Follow instructions the first time with no argument. Raise your hand and wait until you are called upon to speak. Choose words wisely.

Be respectful. Treat peers, teachers, and other staff members with respect. Be respectful of property and hallway displays. Address all staff formally (Mr./Mrs./Ms.)



  • Breakfast is served at 7:45am and ends at 8:15am.
  • Skateboards and bikes must be locked up.


  • Keep your relationships positive.
  • Do not harass, intimidate, spread rumors or pick on / bully others.
  • Public displays of affection (kissing, hugging) on campus are inappropriate.
  • Sexual harassment (verbal / physical) is illegal and prohibited.
  • Fighting, assault / battery and other types of violence (hate, religious, racial) are not tolerated.



  • Walk to the lunch area.
  • Respect others in line, do not cut or crowd.
  • Keep all food and drinks in the lunch area (Bottled water may be with the student at all times).
  • Only plastic bottles are permitted.
  • Stay in designated lunch area and blacktop area (Buildings, sidewalks between buildings and P.E. area [gym] are off limits).



  • Use the restroom during passing periods.
  • Use normal speaking voices.
  • Do not cluster in groups blocking others from passing.
  • Go directly to class to avoid being tardy.



  • Use restrooms during passing periods and/or lunch.
  • Keep restrooms clean.
  • Do not be wasteful of soap and paper products.
  • Talk to friends outside of the restroom.



  • Enter assemblies quietly.
  • Sit in the seats indicated by your teacher, do not leave empty seats.
  • Place backpacks on the floor under the seat.
  • Listen attentively.
  • Be respectful and respond appropriately accordingly throughout the performance.
  • No food, beverages or gum allowed at assemblies.



  • Do not splash others.
  • Keep yourself and your belongings dry.
  • Eat quietly in the auditorium.
  • Wipe your feet before entering the hallways.