About Us

HOSLER MIDDLE SCHOOL is committed to providing an environment that will enhance the minds, lives and values of our students through an established innovative holistic program that enables students to achieve at higher level of academic, social and leadership skills.
HOSLER MIDDLE SCHOOL staff is committed to ensuring a physically and psychologically safe environment for its learning community, by working closely with students, parents, community members and law enforcement agencies.
HOSLER MIDDLE SCHOOL courses, activities and programs are created to meet the academic and social needs of students. Instruction focuses on providing skills that will teach students to access and use information. Teachers recognize that serving the diversity of individual needs requires student-centered innovative teaching that enhances students’ learning experiences, collaboration among staff, flexibility, and cooperative learning experiences for student and teachers.
HOSLER MIDDLE SCHOOL believes that for a student to grow in their personal and academic lives the HMS staff must be committed to serving in a variety of ways, including teaching, counseling, club advisors, coaching and other extra/co-curricular activities.
HOSLER MIDDLE SCHOOL teachers, administrators and staff work closely with parents and students to evaluate a student’s quality of work. Staff members at HMS are committed to creating partnerships with parents as well as maintaining open channels of communication with community members, community agencies and businesses. At HMS we believe that parent involvement is important when defining, implementing and evaluating curriculum and student learning.